About Us

Three Sacramento parents, all with diverse expertise and backgrounds from sales and marketing, design and software engineering founded Simple Summers. We conceptualized, branded, designed and developed everything together.

Gone are the days of searching multiple websites in search of summer camps. Gone are the days of hand-written calendars and spreadsheets. Gone are the days of hour upon hours of research.

Simple Summers is the stress-free resource for parents and caregivers to find the best summer camps for their children.

Simple Summers is one amazing, searchable directory. Find camps by age, week, camp type, budget, and more. Save your searches. Save your results. Use Simple Summers to build your summer camp schedule.

We are reinventing old traditions and adopting a new system takes adjustment. We keep smiling because we see the future.

Smile, it’s Simple.

Questions/comments: Email us at hello@simplesummers.com